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See what’s happening to your fleet

What’s happening now?

Actionable, real-time data

SailPlan gathers real-time ship data via our proprietary hardware and API. The SailPlan Dashboard provides shoreside operators with an advanced visualization, alerting, and management platform so you always know what’s happening onboard. Use it to identify problems as they happen, monitor your fleet’s emissions, and stay in sync with your ships through a common source of truth.

SailPlan Insights
What happened earlier?

Powerful historical analysis

Real-time fleet data gets coupled with a powerful data analytics platform in the SailPlan Dashboard, enabling your team to look through past data to identify problems or trends and take action. SailPlan’s cloud archives your ships data along with detailed weather and ship's traffic data - allowing you to peer into the past and replay events as they unfolded.

SailPlan Dashboard
What happens next?

Valuable predictive analytics

Powered by SailPlan’s predictive analytics, SailPlan allows your teams to peer into the future and identify what happens next - before they happen. Simulate voyages into the future, visualize and mitigate the impacts of weather, ship traffic, emissions, and identify likely problems before they occur.


Act fast. Improve Safety.

SailPlan’s intelligent alerts increase safety by spotting critical issues when they happen and alerting the appropriate shoreside personnel. Focus your team on the problems that matter most, without waiting for onboard crew to alert the teams. Act faster with better data.

Coupled with the SailPlan real-time data, shoreside operations teams receive a detailed, real-time situational awareness picture of what’s happening aboard your fleet.


Hit your ESG goals

Measure, then manage your carbon emissions with SailPlan. SailPlan provides ship operators with a real-time, tamper-resistant, low maintenance continuous emissions management capability. Understand and visualize your environmental impact with real-world data from your ships. Once you measure your carbon footprint, you can start to reduce your carbon footprint. Emissions reporting has never been so easy, or so accurate.


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SailPlan is actively deployed on ships operating in and around the United States. We work with vessels of all sizes - large and small, nearshore and offshore. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you increase safety and sustainability in your fleet operations.

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