Emissions Monitoring & Optimization

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Measure True Emissions
Across Your Fleet

What gets measured gets better. Chart and maintain your progress toward ESG goals and carbon reduction through vessel-specific true emissions monitoring, AI-assisted emissions optimization, and simplified emissions reporting.

Sailplan Dashboard

Benchmark Emissions

  • What are my fleet’s true emissions?
  • Real-time CO2, CH4, NOX, SO2, H2O and particulate matter
  • Where am I generating them?

Optimize Operations

  • Recommendations to reduce emissions footprint
  • Emissions Score tracks total GHGs
  • AI-driven notifications optimize load and save fuel

Report Fleet Emissions

  • One click emissions reporting for single vessel or full fleet

Beyond Simple CO2 Monitoring

SailPlan monitors up to six exhaust gases via direct exhaust sensing and proprietary algorithms. True emissions data allows vessel operators to benchmark, manage, and optimize performance.

Monitor fuel consumption, engine power, and emissions from anywhere.





PM 2.5


Emissions Heatmapping

Visually track fleet emissions as they occur and pinpoint emissions hotspots for further analysis. Understand who, what, where, when, and why emissions were generated. Maximize the efficiency of engine loading and RPMs to minimize vessel emissions.

Affordable, Precise
Emissions Calculation

Learn what drives your carbon footprint and how to reduce it. Look beyond CO2 and understand the impact of different engine loads on your performance.

Simple Emissions Reporting

Generate an accurate emissions report for a single ship or your entire fleet in a single click.  

Real-Time Data Feeds Support
Real-Time Solutions

Instant information enables immediate action. Make rapid, impactful changes to prioritize sustainability and environmental efficiency across your fleet—informed by detailed insights and predictive analytics: constantly collected, updated, and accessible via SailPlan’s digital twin technology.

True Emissions Monitoring for Sustained Transparency

True transparency establishes accountability. Comprehensive cloud-archived data, reported by tamper-resistant devices, demonstrates your commitment to operational honesty, ESG progress, and upholding carbon emission regulations.

Customer Testimonials

“SailPlan’s technology allows us to accurately measure and reduce our fleet’s emissions. We can now provide real-time metrics to our charterers, demonstrating our ability to run NetZero operations affordably.“

Shane Guidry, Harvey Gulf CEO


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SailPlan is actively deployed on ships operating in and around the United States. We work with vessels of all sizes—large and small, nearshore and offshore. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you increase safety and sustainability in your fleet operations.

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